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July 5, Bad Münster am Stein Kurpark. July 6, Trombacher Hof

Traditional non-European music - Korea
Chong Dung Sori ensemble Korean percussion and dancing

Music of past and present
Bach Ligeti Xenakis Piazzola Monteverdi
de Falla Cage
Elisabeth Chojnacka, cembalo
Sigune von Osten, soprano, Susanne Hilger, guitar

Light and Sound Environment
Josef Anton Riedl / Munich

On Friday, the 5th of July at 7pm the first PARKMUSIC was taking place in Bad Münster in Konzertmuschel, Konzertpavillon and Brunnenhalle of the spa gardens. Internationally renowned artists present, all-in-all, an extraordinary music program: the ensemble Chong Dung Sori played and danced in costumes to traditional Korean percussion music, Elisabeth Chojnacka from Paris, one of world's best cembalists, played pieces by Ligeti and Xenakis, who specifically composed them for her, as well as music by Bach.

Susanne Hilger played old music on the guitar and Josef-Anton Riedl, world-famous composer and multi-media artist, gave a first performance of a certain kind at the Brunnenhalle. On huge balloons, 75cm in diameter, projections of water and fire could be seen, which were accompanied by music made from natural sounds such as water, thunder, rain. The oversized balloons were given away to the audience after the show. In the evening one could listen to the initiator of the festival, Sigune von Osten, who was singing songs by Manuel de Falla and the "ARia" by Cage.

On Saturday, July 6th, the artists played a different program on the open-air stage and in the former chapel of the Trombacher Hof.

ZDF portrait "Die Sängerin Sigune von Osten" (The singer Sigune von Osten) "Festival im Westentaschenformat" (pocket size festival)

ART POINT  Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg  Stiftung Rheingrafenstein 
Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz e.V.