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PARKMUSIC '01 - "New Horizons"

August 24, 25 Trombacher Hof meadow stage former chapel

Traditional non-European music: Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia (Ocarinas, bone and stone flutes, water drums, mussels et al.) Luiz Márquez / Ensemble Mezcal

Jazz and Improvisation
Günter Baby Sommer and Swisshorns
String quartet from classical music until today
Music by Schubert, Haydn, Scelsi, Cage,
Hába quartet

Exhibition of non-European folk art
Private collection

Again there were surprising sounds and sound combinations at PARKMUSIC: on the meadow stage of the Trombacher Hof one could hear music made on mussels, tortoise shells, stone flutes and water drums. The ensemble Mezcal by Luis Márquez from Mexico played ethnological music from Mexico and Bolivia in front of an amazed audience. Instruments of this kind, seemingly deriving from animal kingdom, had never been seen before and listened to. That is why, afterwards, Luis Marquéz was surrounded by the audience who asked him for explanations and demonstrations of the instruments.Subsequently, you could listen to improvised jazz ? with the well-known drummer Günter Baby Sommer who is a guest at all the international jazz festivals ? which was presented on the magically illuminated stage rock (Olsen Röhl) in the chapel of the former convent. Günter Baby Sommer had brought along the two alphornists Robert Morgenthaler and Jean Jacques Pedretti who, once again, managed to extract wondrous sounds from their instruments.

Rotating, the renowned Hába quartet played string quartets by Schubert, Cage, and Scelsi, Hába, Haydn and Dvorak, each time 'interrupted' by the jazz of Günter Baby Sommer and the Swisshorns, an unusual but very appealing mix of crossovers and cooperation, which was topped with a joint improvisation.
Moreover, the collection of non-European folk art on display was impressive in its diversity.

The beautiful, warm weather made it possible that music and nature could be enjoyed until late into the night.

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