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PARKMUSIC '05 "New Horizons"

Stormy howls on the accordion
Between rubble barn and sounding valley: Sigune von Osten's ninth PARKMUSIC-Festival "Ballad-setting, Grimm?s fairy-tale- idyll. ...
As a prelude to PARKMUSIC mysterious tingles and jingles lure the visitors to a mown path between chin high common yarrows and goldenrods. On small, white pedestals underneath oaks, acacias and in the open field, the host has collected and pushed together twelve music boxes in order to form a musical zodiac-sound path through the valley. Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen had assigned these music boxes to the zodiacs from ?Aquarius? to ?Capricorn? in the 60s.
? The interplay with the Trombach's rushing is so full of harmony that the audience more than willingly gives in to the temptation of forgetting day-to-day life. ....

Festival organizer Sigune von Osten herself attends to three female figures by Schiller, at first by deconstructing Verdis musical version of Elisabeth's lament from "Don Carlos", along with vibrating sounds of an Indian tambura, into a fragmented rap; then she transforms the zither in Robert Schumann's aria of Mary Stuart, which originally functions as an accompanying instrument, into a percussive instrument by using a stick, and she performs the ?song of Amalia" from the ?The Robbers? together with a Morrocan violin that is, although once finger-picked once bowed, always coming across as somehow strange. A triple-jump into disruption, an inner conflict ? the, at times, seemingly inapproachable Schiller characters are given a creatureliness which the author has smothered in rhetoric. All of this is embedded in exciting almost spiritual exercises of Frank Thomé at drums and marimbaphone and the miracles of sound that the Polish accordion virtuosos of ?motion trio? produce with their instruments.... Whole stories of sound develop like this ? played with devotedness and interspersed with nostalgia and melancholy so that the audience feels tears welling up.

And then, when stepping outside, into the starlit night and glancing curiously back into the valley, one can see the ? by now magically colourful ? light that covers the treetops and hear, once again, Stockhausen's simultaneously sounding music boxes. Like a goodbye out of a fairy-tale. Terrific."

Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz / Feuilleton

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"Nature itself seems to listen carefully ? Sigune von Osten, organizer of the avantgarde festival PARKMUSIK rolls cables and seeks sound paths" 

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"Sound walkers following in the footsteps of Stockhausen ? in the meadow of the Trombach the PARKMUSIK participants approach the musical material of the composer sensually"

Allgemeine Zeitung Bad Kreuznach

"Quiet sounds in the midst of nature ? a journey of sound between Stockhausenesque music
boxes and chirping birds"
Öffentlicher Anzeiger

"New Horizons" Trombacher Hof

In the meadow
Sounds of nature at day and night
New Music on music boxes
music for the audience

In the former chapel
Thunder of accordion
Vocal scenes
Sounds of percussion

Exhibition in the yard
"Boxes of Pandora"
private collection

motion trio, accordions
Sigune von Osten, Voice / instruments
Frank Thomé, drums
Olsen Röhl, light
Daniel Jäger, sound