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PARKMUSIC '06 "Neue Ho(e)rizonte"

Styles and centuries merge agravically


...The visitors slowly feel their way through the meadow at nighttime, following on a narrow dirt track that is lined with tea candles. A grid of light bars is installed all the way up to the tree tops, the creek Trombach gurgles to the left, a pendulum abuts on tubelike bells as if by chance, a solitary flute calls from the right. It is with these eeriely haimish impressions that Sigune von Osten sends her fans home. For more than ten years the devotees of the musical avantgarde and world music from Berlin and Strasbourg, even from Italy, come to her festival of two days PARKMUSIC-New Horizons in Bad Münster am Stein. Particularly city people like the remoteness of the former early Christian hermitage because, as one of the regulars puts it, there is no other place like this one where to recharge your ?inner battery? in a faster and more intense way.

Indeed, Sigune von Osten has created sort of a 'filling station' for the senses not only from the meadow but also, and especially, from the former chapel adjacent to the estate: music of the highest level is made in dim candle light and with the smell of damp clay and wooden frames. This year there is a charming interplay of the recorder ensemble 'Flautando Köln' and the Swiss alphorn duo 'Echo' from Zürihorn: the mild Renaissance sounds of ancient dance traditions and ricercars blow like far away memories of youth around the walls of the chapel that was built in 1399.

Later, whispering electronic echoes drift spookily throughout the house with a sound like the wind whistling through the cracked shingles of time itself. Music styles and centuries merge agravically that night, past things push their way into the present, happy, jazzy alphorn vocals encounter a simple melody of triads. These are exactly the aural experiences of 'new horizons' that characterise and distinguish Sigune von Osten's PARKMUSIC. The festival does not stand out because of a sensation-seeking usage of the most 'way-out' elements. It rather lives on having the deft, keen sense of the right mood, on knowing how to combine sounds and traditions. The exciting rhythmic power of both the German-Korean and the German-Brazilian percussion-ensembles at the beginning of the show have also added energy to the 'batteries': first with a cautious, gradual tapping, slowly approaching the beat of the human pulse, followed by techno-club-like extasy and cheerful South-African carnival ...

Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz / Feuilleton

Percussion in the Trombach (meadow)
Ensemble Su, Korea  Sapucaiu, Brazilian  Ensemble Masa Daiko, Japan  Adikanfo, Ghana
Sidare, Irak

Wind and strings (former chapel)
Flautando Köln, recorders  Echo by the Zürihorn Alphörner/conch shells/didgeridoo

Xu Fengxia, Zheng  Gunda Gottschalk, Violine/Viola Duo  Sidare, Oud/Vocals

Light and sound (yard and meadow)
Ingo Bracke, wolkenhain.aktionen.06


Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz  Stiftung Rheingrafenstein
?kodaAuto Deutschland GmbH  Hanna and Dieter Paulmann  Raabdruck Lindemann

Photos: Werner Dupuis