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PARKMUSIC 2007 ?New Horizons?

John Cage, one of the most important composers of the 20th century, a revolutionary in music history, was at the centre of PARKMUSIC New Horizons 2007. Sigune von Osten knew him personally and she worked together with him.
Discovering Cage, to come across his music or to rediscover him, was the motto.
Cage-compositions are strictly noted and graphic with tuba, saxophone, sheng, prepared piano percussion and voice, with plants, mussels, water, wind and fire. Moreover, there was music of the composer Erik Satie and Johann Sebastian Bach, those who Cage admired very much. In addition, there were premieres of composer-interpreters, Japanese Butoh-dances, readings from I Ging in Chinese and German, a Chinese drawing performance with water, wind and fire, an exhibition of graphic scores by John Cage as much as, last but not least, a journey through mushrooms themed ?hearing mushrooms?.

Participating interpreters
Wu Wei Sheng, Erhu, Bawu, Xun
Matthias Schubert, Tenor saxophone
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Tuba
Frank Thomé, Percussion
Armin Fuchs, (manipulated) Piano / toy piano
Sigune von Osten, Singing / Voice
Miho Iwata, Butoh-dance
Kenbo, Drawing Performance
Hans Rehfuß, mushroom expert

'I don't understand why people are afraid of new ideas, I'm afraid of the old'......, John Cage (1912 ?1992) noted. The singer Sigune von Osten chose this to be the slogan for the PARKMUSIK New Horizons that was entirely dedicated to the musical revolutionary". .... Old ideas and prejudices were to remain in the valley. The scent of freshly mown meadows made you become open-minded....... The Chinese musician Wu Wei improvised on the Okarina Xun in harmony with the rush of the creek. ...... There was a mountain of rice paper in a wheelbarrow. Slowly it began to move until the wheelbarrow toppled over. Out came Miho Iwata in order to explore in magically slow motions the whole range of human emotions..... (Matthias) Schubert's "Würfelspiel" enabled the audience to figure out the development from sound to noise, the speed and volume of free improvisations. ...... In the illuminated yard the young Chinese artist Kenbo celebrated drawings with fire, water and ink on rice paper, which burned down at the end. Finally, the ghost of sounds from the tuba, saxophone and percussions played through the forest and, with the help of innumberable torches, led the way back ? back to new ideas."

Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz / Feuilleton

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Photos: Werner Dupuis