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PARK MUSIC New Horizons 09

Strings Carnyx Bash -
New (Eye)Sounds from the British Isles

Sigune von Osten's PARK MUSIC New Horizons 2009 was devoted to (Eye)Sounds from the British Isles. In the vault-studio, on the studio terrace, during the walk through the meadows, in the yard, in the former chapel and along the Trombach creek could be
listened to:

Music by Stephen Montague, John Kenny, Keth Tippett, David Matthews, Max de Wardener, James Mac Millan, Annie Guzo, Simon Limbrick, Chris Brannick, David Bedford,
Howard Skempton, Gabriel Prokofiev, Steve Reich
Poetry by Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney, Dylan Thomas, W.H.Auden
with the
Interpreters Stephen Montague, piano Ensemble Bash, percussion Elysian Quartet
Tessa Montague, fiddle/Irish tin whistle John Kenny, Carnyx / trombone
Sigune von Osten, voice / overall artistic direction
to be seen
(Light)Installations Alex Julyan, Krischan Kriesten
to be experienced
dance performance London Contemporary Dance Quartet


Öffentlicher Anzeiger
?The introduction to New Music became a listening experience straight away?
?.?right from the start everything ran smoothly with the workshop-concert of the contemporary compose Stephen Montague?. his compositions ? at times happy, at times archaic ? conveyed a British atmosphere indeed. In the end, his compositions became the binding element of this year'S festival. Embedded were other interpreters such as the Elysian Quartet, the Ensemble Bash, the Carnyx, a roughly 2000 year-old war horn played by John Kenny, in addition folk music and numerous installations made the audience experience a variety that perhaps, as such, only the PARKMUSIC in the environment of the Trombacher Hof is able to offer?..?

Feuilleton / Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz
Sounds with a life of their own
??. One forgot about things that art was supposedly not allowed to do on the way through vineyards and the forest up to the Trombacher Hof, behind which a young girl, in a tulle dress and her hair decorated with flowers, was sitting on the meadows playing Irish folk songs. For the 14th time Sigune von Osten summoned her audience to PARKMUSIK New Horizons on her estate to familiarize it with advanced contemporary art across all sections. This year's ?Composer in Residence? was Stephen Montague? In the first workshop-concert in the former wine cellar, he produced, by playing the piano, such ragingly fast note repetitions which spawned overtones with a harmonic life of their own. Listening to these lively sounds, one believed to experience kind of a follow-up to the celtic folk music his daughter Tessa virtuouosly celebrated with fiddle and tin whistle in the meadows??. All other artists that Sigune von Osten had carefully selected pleased as well with their unpretentious manners and their contagious passion for what they did. The young Elysian Quartet left traces in everyone's minds with striking improvisations to the noises and sounds of the Trombach meadow as much as with sensual interpretations of Keith Tippett, David Matthews, James Mac Millan and Stephen Montague. The trombonist and hobby-archaeologist John Kenny presented the Celtic war horn Carnyx, an almost two-meter-long bronze pipe with a boar-headed horn and a vibrating red tongue. With this, he was able to play very softly and quietly but also in a piercing and unsettling way that made the dogs in the vicinity alarmingly bark. A performance of the London Comtemporary Dance Quartet in the waters of the Trombach was closely modeled on the casual body language of daily experience. While heading back at night, illuminations and artificial nebulae by Krischan Kriesten lined the experience of the music with all senses.??

Voices of the audience

How would we be able to get to know modern music, if not with your help?! Thank you for making it possible.    H.u. J. 22.08.09

What a magic place!    A.u. C.S. 22.08.09

All the interpreters are measured by their hearts.    K.W. 22.08.09

The festival has given me many moments of bliss. I thank you for that.    D.S. 22.08.09

It was an extraordinary evening, with wonderfull impressions. ?    G.E 22.08.09

?. what a wonderfull Parkmusic we were granted to be part of again this year! It felt so good to experience and, to some extent, identify with this total work of art that you have created. I have soaked up all impressions like a sponge and still enjoy the ?after-effects?.    C. J. 24.08.09

Thank you very much for the great experience of this year's Parkmusic. Indeed, I had never experienced anything like that before. I was totally thrilled.    G.P. 02.09.09

?. quick thanks for the beautiful, colourful, loud and gentle experience on/in the meadows, chapel, terrace. It was stunning in variety, wit, seriousness.    W.E. 27.08.09

??In any way, it was an amazing thing that you achieved. Especially because the fairytale-girl did not fit into the image of New Music at all.    D.K. 03.09.09

Voices of the interpreters

Thank you for everything ? a stunning festival, such wonderful positive feelings all around. Thank you so much for having us at your incredible festival - your innovative creativity and hospitality are inspiring!     22.08.09 Ensemble Bash

? it has been a unique and extraordinary performing experience and we are so grateful that you chose to have us as part of it.    22.08.09 Elysian Quartet

It was an extraordinary - indeed, and energizing, experience.    24.08.09 J. K.

? it was very inspiring for me to be around such beautiful and intriguing sounds from such a talented bunch of musicians, singers and artists. The performance spaces were truly magical and the memory of performing there, in the stunning landscape, will stay with me.
26.08.09 L. B., London Contemporary Dance Quartet

It was lovely to see the photo as it instantly brought back fantastic memories that will stay with me forever. To come and stay with you and perform for you as part of Parkmusik was such a pleasure and I felt truly inspired by the stunning musicians and artists that we were in company with throughout the weekend.    31.08.09 K.B., London Contemporary Dance Quartet

Photos: Werner Dupuis

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