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PARKMUSIC New Horizons 2010

Orient im Okzident

The Orient in the Occident was the motto of PARKMUSIK?s New Horizons 2010, which latched onto the Motto of the cultural summer of the Rheinland-Pfalz?s ?Across Borders?. The contemporary Jordanian composer Saed Haddad was at the center of the festival. Born and raised in Jordan and having studied in Jordan, Israel, and Europe, Haddad has wandered back and forth between the Orient and the Occident.

A new workshop, ?Adventure of New Music?, in connection with the Deutscher Musikrat, allowed the festival attendants to come into closer contact with Saed Haddad?s compositions, particularly his work Les deux visages de l?Orient.

On Friday, the world premier of the complete work of Etudes Mysterieuses resounded at the workshop concert and the piano recital with Noriko Kawai, illuminated by Saed Haddad. Other works of his, dedicated to Pierre Boulez, Aldo Clementi, and Gjörgy Ligeti, were also performed. During the evening concert, the German premier of Saed Haddad?s composition Quelques Essays sur <je ne sais pas quoi> took place with the Dutch Trio Zimbello (mandolin, guitar, recorder). In addition, another ?Border Crosser? was at the evening?s concert: the Iranian percussionist Reza Mohammad Mortazawi, who developed a unique and intoxicating drumming style from his Oriental roots.

During Saturday?s evening concert, violinist Ulrike Storz played works from several of Saed Haddad?s teachers: Louis Andriessen, George Benjamin, Pascal Dusapin, and Ari Ben-Shabetai. The works were intermixed with poetry of the famous Palestinian writer Mahmud Darwish, read by Sigune von Osten.

Afterwards, the festivities journeyed to the Trombacher Aue, where German director Helena Waldmann and her six Iranian dancers told several stories under burqa tents at the Tentlanders @ Trombacher Hof dance theatre about the feelings of emigrants. One piece that toured the world was forbidden by the Persian government. As a reaction, the new piece, return to sender, was developed for the natural landscape of the Trombacher Hof and given a new adaptation. Countless spectators had tears in their eyes.

After both a pause with a picnic in the Trombach ?Oasis? and the desert-yellow sailing installation of Krischan Kriesten had been completed, the solo violin alternated with Saed Haddad?s composition Les deux visages de l?Orient and with Arabic music in the evening concert.

Final highlight was the revealing of Chinese painter and performer KENBO?s painting. Hehad painted and burned the image Trombach Park with water, air, and fire in 2007, taken the mains back to China, laid the remains on an artistically prepared wooden background, and sent the work back to Germany for the Festival at the Trombacher Hof quite punctually.

Noriko Kawai, piano  
Trio Zimbello, Blockflöten, mandolin / mandola, guitar   
Reza Mohammad Mortazavi, daf / tombak
Ulrike Stortz, violin
Tarek Bitar, voice / oud   Adel Mustafa, kanun   Kaled Iraki, darabuka / douf
Sigune von Osten / Silke Egeler-Wittmann, direction Adventure of New Music
Saed Haddad, explanations

Works by Saed Haddad (GE, UA), Pierre Boulez, Gjörgy Ligeti, Aldo Clementi, Louis Andriessen, Mayke Nas, Nathaniel Giles, Matthias Kadar, Ugras Durmus (GE),  Reza Mohammad Mortazavi, George Benjamin, Pascal Dusapin, Ari Ben-Shabetai, traditional Arabic music

Dance Theatre by Helena Waldmann?Tentlanders @ Trombacher Hof ? 
with Sanam Afrashteh, Javeh Asefdjah Taies Farzan Pujeh Taghdis
Salome Dastmalchi Niloufar Shahisavandi
Music Mohammad Reza Mortazavi

Krischan Kriesten, lighting design
Jens Alles, assistant
Sigune von Osten, conception, program and artistic direction

Some Attendants? Comments
I think I?m not the only attendant who appreciates the fact that an intimate setting is something very special and that the ?province? thereby offers something that no one could experience in a big city because large concert halls allow neither a closeness to nor a conversation with the artists. P.S.

The never-ending world of tones and sounds brought us to other realms and dreams, worlds away and yet so close to home. A.M. & E.M.

Awe-inspiring, fascinating, with great warmth and light? I.S.

You can?t possibly fathom the magic that is conjured up here? B.G.


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