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Journey through Sound

The concept of "Journey through Sound" is thought of as a sort of pilgrimage of the audience in two respects: an actual walking through various rooms ? in this case the festival hall Hellerau ? and a journey through cultural regions (Persia, China, Brazil). In addition to the premieres of the compositions by the Persian Iradj Sahbai, the Chinese Xiayong Chen and the Brazilian Jocy de Oliveira, ethnological music of their respective countries was audible. The audience is led by a 'sound walker' who plays on a self-made drum while pantomiming. In the spirit of John Cage ?everything that surrounds me is music?, the sounds that are generated by walking around become part of the total art work. The audience walks on stones, on a track of light and wades through mountains made of paper. The emerging sounds that can be perceived as much as the shifting from room to room represent a diversion from listening to the complex premieres which demand concentration. The breathing, the language, the audience's motion ? they all become part of the total sound.

The three composers Iradj Sahbai, Jocy de Oliveira and Xiaoyong Chen are influenced by the musical tradition of their native countries. Likewise they have also explored the trends of European modernity.

Oliveira has worked together with Iannis Xenakis, Luciano Berio, John Cage, Chen ? residing in Hamburg ? with György Ligeti and Sahbai ? at home in Strasbourg ? and with Olivier Messiaen. Inspired by Sigune von Osten, who wanted works for her voice, ethnological instruments of their countries and European instruments, the compositions were commissioned by the DZzM

The European ensemble, consisting of flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola, violencello, drums and and voice, is enriched by Jocy de Oliveira with tambura, Turkish oboe, Brazilian drums, with Zheng, Sheng and Xun by Xiaoyong Chen and with Zarb, Daf, Zang, Zangule by Iradj Sahbai.

?Journey through Sound? can be produced everywhere and receives its special note with each new space.

The first ?Journey through Sound? took place at festival hall, Hellerau in Dresden on October 10, 2002 as the final event of the Dresden Days of contemporary music.

Traditional folk music from China
Iradj Sahbai "Ri ? Râ"
Traditional folk music from Brazil
Xiayong Chen "Yang Shen"
Traditional folk music from Persia
Jocy de Oliveira "Medea Ballade"

Sigune von Osten ideas, concept, artistic direction  ART POINT Production