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Sigune von Osten 

musiBalance by Sigune von Osten was created especially for the architecture and space of the German Pavilion at the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. musiBalance balances between popular German and popular Chinese known songs; between tradition and avant-garde; architecture and music; tranquility and motion, the Germans and the Chinese. musiBalance balances between the soloists of the ART POINTensemble and the student choir of the Shanghai Normal University Music College, between different musical styles of traditional German and Chinese folksongs, new and experimental music, improvisation, and jazz. Above all, musiBalance balances between the musical actions of both the choirs and soloists and the public, both on stage and in the waiting line.

Choirs and musicians were designed as sound installations in the architecture of the German Pavilion and communicate with one another and the public through a strict plan of events. The public is continually encouraged by the choirs to sing, clap, and use body percussion along with the musicians, all based on the existing plan. This creates a sound wave between the waiting public, the musicians, and the choirs.

The German-Chinese collaboration between Sigune von Osten's ART POINTensemble and the sixty young singers from the music college of Shanghai Normal University, along with their choir director, Wang Jin, proved to be a tremendous achievement and a great success of cooperation. The public was impressed, and both Chinese State Radio and the famous Shanghai Art Television Channel broadcast the proceedings, the latter conducting an interview with Sigune von Osten.

Sigune von Osten, idea, conception, artistic leadership
ART POINTensemble
Henning Stoll, bassoon / viola    Matthias Schubert, saxophone    Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
Wu Wei, sheng / erhu / xun   Andreas Winkler, violin   Christian Gerber, bandoneon
Frank Thomé, percussion, mouth harmonica
Krischan Kriesten, light design   Helge Petzold sound / sound direction
Li Yu, organisation / assistance   
In cooperation with
The choir of the music college of Shanghai Normal University

Wang Jin, direction


World premiere October 24 (additional performances 25 / 26 / 27), 2010


Media transmission: Chinese State Radio (live broadcast)   Shanghai Art Channel

SWR2, MorningJournal   Bayern Klassik / Allegro / online 10/30/2010 

Production ART POINT Trombacher Hof                German Pavillon Expo2010 Shanghai